Restraining Order and Domestic Violence Attorneys in San Diego, California

What does a restraining order or a temporary restraining order mean?

A restraining order is a protective order from the San Diego court that can protect a person from being abused, threatened, stalked, harassed, physically or sexually, by another person. The person who requests the restraining order is called the “protected party” obtaining restrictions against the “restrained party”.

Once a restraining order is in place the restrained person will be ordered to stop. A restraining order can help someone with:

  • Personal Conduct Orders
  • Stay-Away Orders
  • Residence Exclusion (kick-out or move-out)

If these are in place, the restrained person can be limited with what they can do. Certain privileges such as owning a gun, being able to visit their children, going certain places, and living in certain situations will be changed.

There are four types of restraining orders that you can ask a Judge for:

  • Domestic violence restraining order
  • Elder or dependent adult abuse restraining order
  • Civil harassment restraining order
  • Workplace violence restraining order

Additionally, there are alternatives to filing a restraining order, and with most circumstances a temporary restraining order (TRO) can be filed with a Judge making orders the same day.

The attorneys at Butler Law, PC have experience handling both sides of domestic violence and therefore, have the experience from both the protected party and accused party’s perspective, which can help you with your legal matter. We understand that domestic violence can be an emotional and difficult experience, and that sometimes there may be children involved. By talking with us about your options, your discussion will be kept confidential, and we can help you make the decision that’s going to be best for all parties moving forward.

Whether you are looking to pursue or defend a legal case of domestic violence, it’s best to have the experience of a qualified attorney to help you with your rights and protect you. By reaching out to a qualified legal team with experience in handling restraining orders, Butler Law, PC can help you with this difficult situation. To discuss your options, questions and what’s best for your safety, call Butler Law, PC now at 619-514-3365.