What Our Clients Are Saying

Exceeded My Expectations

“Butler Law is nothing short of amazing! They have exceeded my expectations with my case and made what’s a very difficult process easy for me. Would definitely recommend.”
– A.H.

Support and Understanding

“I can’t thank all of you at Butler Law enough for the support and understanding you all give me thanks”
– M.P.

Great Settlement Offer!

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all the efforts you put into making this settlement possible. I’m very excited for the opportunity the settlement offers our family. The kids & I are definitely excited for the future!”


“Please thank Elyse for me as well, her integrity and professionalism is impeccable. These days there are not very many people in business or otherwise that have those qualities. For that l am grateful. If for some reason l should need legal counsel in the future Butler Law will be my first choice.”
– T.M.

Butler Law, PC Knows Military Divorce!

“Elyse Butler is a phenomenal attorney. She was referred to me by my mother when my first attorney(different firm) left me out to dry. Literally panicking while on the phone with her telling her about my horrible divorce and what my attorney was/wasn’t doing for me. She quickly calmed me down, answered all of my questions and gave me a new game plan. And if you are dreading that phone call/email/text to your current attorney telling them to kick rocks, do not fear- Elyse will gladly tell them for you. My divorce journey started off rocky but I’m sooooo so so glad I found Elyse. She made it a comfortable experience and I’ve given her contact info to multiple friends and associates. I’m active duty and so was my ex. Elyse understands military lingo and all of our cool acronyms, pay charts, TSP, etc. YOU WANT HER ON YOUR TEAM.”
– K.H.

Child Custody

“Development years of a child’s life go by so quickly, I didn’t want to waste a moment of them worrying about legalities. Thanks, Butler Law, PC!”
– A.M.

Honest Attorney

“I always felt that Elyse Butler listened to what I had to say and was always honest. I would highly recommend her in a divorce case.”
– M.B.

Five Stars!

“Thanks to Elyse Butler I am able to enjoy the time I wanted to spend, quality moments with my daughter without having to worry.”
– V.H.

Focused On My Goals

Butler Law, PC, allowed me to focus on what mattered most. I never thought a situation like this could be this easy to get through.”
– G.S.