Start the New Year with a Positive Child Custody Agreement

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Child Custody & Visitation

With the holidays fast approaching, it is important that you make sure you can spend the important days with your loved ones, especially if you are separated from your children’s mother or father. Planning ahead is key to ensure you have a well-organized child custody agreement. This way, you can get that quality time with your children and enjoy it.

How Should You Divide Your Time?

Each custody agreement is unique to the parents and children involved. So, in order to draft an agreement that is likely to be followed (and enjoyed), it is important to smooth out disagreements by communicating which days you find most important to be spent with your child.

Some common ways to divide your time during the holidays include:

  • Alternating holidays every other year
  • Splitting holidays
  • Assigning holidays on different days
  • Assigning holidays the same every year

Which Holidays Do I Include?

No custody agreement needs to be the same. For most parents, some holidays are a lot more important than others to spend with their children. For the lesser holidays, it may still be in the best interest of the child to consider them (i.e. the child might have MLK day off and you would like to see them because you’re likely to have it off as well).

Common holidays to include in your schedule are:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Child’s Birthday
  • Religious holidays
  • School vacations (i.e. spring and summer breaks)
  • Close family birthdays

How Does Timeshare Affect My Custody Agreement?

Timeshare custody is the time that each parent can spend with physical custody of their child. When deciding your custody agreement, your timeshare percentage will affect how often you can see your child, so your agreement should reflect that. This way, it’s a lot easier to organize the schedule and you will know which holidays to prioritize.

Why You Should Hire A Lawyer

Child custody agreements can get complicated and if you aren’t familiar with how court ordered custody works, you can almost certainly expect some mistakes. To get started on your child custody agreement, contact the experienced attorneys at Butler Law, PC today!