Why Should You Hire a Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS)?

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Firm News

Family law, as most of us are aware, is a broad area of law that often contains contentious and messy personal problems that also leak into the law. In sum, it is not a straight-cut area to navigate or practice. That is why attorneys with the CFLS title can be a huge help.

What is a CFLS anyway?

A CFLS is an attorney who has been certified by the State Bar of California as a Family Law Specialist, as Butler Law, PC’s Principal Attorney, Elyse B. Butler has. Not everyone who is an attorney and practices family law is a specialist. But every lawyer who is a specialist is very knowledgeable about family law. Only about 5% of attorneys earn the CFLS title – and for good reason.

To be a CFLS, an attorney must take a written test with 8 essays and 75 multiple choice questions in only 6.5 hours. Test-takers must not use any reference materials whatsoever. This is why the pass rate of the exam is less than 80%. In addition, specialists must have had at least 45 hours of continuing legal education after law school, and practiced law for the past 5 years with at least 25% of it being family law exclusively. They also must have completed more than 30 family law cases, among other requirements. They must re-certify every 5 years to keep the certification.

Why You Should Hire A Lawyer with CFLS Licensure

Family law is a complex and contentious area of the law. Not every attorney has the right expertise, experience, or knowledge to deal with your case. But when an attorney has the CFLS certification, you can be assured that they are specialists and can navigate more complex issues than other attorneys may be able to. If you’re thinking of hiring an attorney for your case, call Butler Law, PC today, where Elyse B. Butler, CLFS supervises all cases to ensure we are delivering results of the highest caliber.