What We Can Learn From Brangelina’s Divorce

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Divorce

It is no secret that Hollywood A-listers Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are divorced. And in true Hollywood style, the pair’s court proceedings have made headlines throughout the process. We’ve heard of several newsworthy items, including allegations of domestic abuse (which Pitt was later cleared of), public smearing campaigns by the couple, and disqualification of a private judge. With parties worth a fortune and with a brood of six children, it’s no wonder even the gossip rags have trouble keeping up with them. But it’s not uncommon to find similar legal and personal issues that Brangelina have faced among the typical American couple getting a divorce. After looking at what Brangelina have gone though, here’s what we can learn from their divorce woes:

Manage and Prioritize Your Mental Health
Get it off your chest. Speak with a therapist, best friend or family member about your unique experience. Communication and releasing emotional build-up will only help ease your stress.

Remember to still do the little things that make you happy. Whether it’s cooking a meal, mountain biking or just running a relaxing bath, don’t forget to take care of the body and mind regularly.

Be easy on yourself. It is normal during high-pressure situations to either perform under par or to over-exert yourself to counter. Accept that there will be highs and lows and that your life will be different during this difficult time. But that’s okay. Do your best at what you can control.

Finally, remember your final goal during divorce. What do you want to come of the process? Is it simply to be separated from this person once and for all? Is it to separate but maintain a healthy environment for the children? Whatever the goal, remember it and recount it often. This will help center racing thoughts and keep emotions from running the show when proceedings get tough and stress is paramount.

Respect Your Ex
Divorce is hard. It’s an end to an intimate partnership and the beginning of a stressful legal process. Accordingly, (negative) emotions run high. Parties may find that they desire to see their partner receive negative legal outcomes as a way to punish them or simply as a way to come out “victorious” from a battle they feel they deserve to win. But this attitude tends to drag the process out longer than necessary and can have life-long negative implications for both parties, even the one who thinks they are winning. Thus, it is important that both partners recognize the importance of respect and boundaries during a divorce. If it is difficult to maintain a positive relationship with the other party, then keep communication minimal but effective. Consider how can the other partner help you obtain your goals. Think of them as a catalyst for a mutually beneficial result, rather than an obstacle to your ultimate victory.

Consider the Effect on Others
It is normal to have “tunnel vision” when getting a divorce. It can often seem overwhelming and isolating, like you are confronting a personal attack any time you go to court or speak to your ex. Your emotions are valid and you should take time to address them, as discussed above. However, it is also important to remember how your emotions and actions can and do affect those around you. This can include other family members, friends and even the gas station clerk (if you’re extra stressed out). If children are involved, divorce most certainly also affects them. Consider their emotions as well as your own. They will thank you after the fact. Not all familial and cordial bonds must disintegrate during divorce. In fact, they have potential to get stronger.

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