She-Hulk and the Effects on Women in the Legal Field

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Child Custody & Visitation, Child Support, Conservatorships, Divorce, Firm News, Military, Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

She-Hulk, Attorney at Law…. At first, I was hesitant to even watch this newly created show, being a woman in the legal field myself, I was nervous as to how this show would portray us. My husband really had to talk to me into watching this. So many thoughts running through my head as we pressed play. Would it be accurate? Would it portray woman as lawyers accurately? Would it add to the daily fight of navigating a legal career as a woman?

To me, this show was not only accurate, but empowering. She-Hulk does an amazing job at skimming the line between accuracy of the daily life as a female attorney while juggling being a newly found superhero. Often, I feel the same. Not to say that I am a superhero, but navigating being a woman in the workforce, trying to build a career for myself, while being a full-time mother as well often times makes me feel like a superhero. For women, we are expected to juggle our careers with our other full-time job, being a mother. My children do not understand that I can’t play with them because I have trial prep or that I have to make my 10th phone call of the day, they just want my attention. Being able to navigate both arenas is tough, really tough, and one might say it takes a superhero to do both jobs.

Most recently, I was away for a trial and TikTok has a filter to turn yourself into She-Hulk. I snapped a few pictures in my Court attire and sent them over to my children. Both fully believe, I transform into She-Hulk when I go to Court now. I am the coolest in my daughter’s eyes who is just in love with She-Hulk. Its empowering for my three-year-old to see a woman in my same position. She now understands what mommy does all day. While, yes, I am not the head of the superhuman law division like She-Hulk, I am devoting my time and energy to not only saving those babies that need it most, but helping families navigate through turmoil and this new found arena of separation, often for the first time.

She-Hulk, like me, and I’m sure most moms, struggles between finding her identity of being Jenn Walters, the attorney, and She-Hulk. She is not sure how to merge those two personalities together or really what to take from them. I am here to say to women, but to moms in particular, that we do often lose ourselves when we become mothers – struggling to find our identities in the work world, our own personal selves, while not losing ourselves as mothers. This show in so many weird and little ways assist in exploring that navigation. How do we merge both our lives together to co-exist as one you may ask? With hard work and dedication – dedication to those little lives we have created and sculpting them into wonderful human beings as they move through their own lives and becoming their own people and work – work not only when you’re in the office or checking emails at midnight, but work to make sure you are being the best version of yourself for the families you are fighting for, for your family you are fighting for and to be your own version of She-Hulk.

Take this as you will, but I guarantee you are a She-Hulk in your children’s eyes and as women in the legal field you must take the strength and determination and empowerment from, She-Hulk Attorney at Law into Court with you. You got this!