Divorce Parties are Trending!

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Child Custody & Visitation, Divorce, Spousal Support

Divorce Parties are the new big thing nowadays, and why not? You are entering a new chapter in life; might as well get there with a bang. These parties often are to celebrate getting through a dark time in your life and sometimes involve both parties of the new divorce. Below are some fun ideas for a divorce party and how to successfully throw one.

  1. Keep the Guest List intimate and small – A divorce is a deeply personal event and likely you’ll only want to invite those friends and family members that were there with the guest of honor through their darkest days. Only makes sense to have those closest in attendance to celebrate the new.
  2. Location – This can be a fun glamping trip or a fancy hotel or even the guest of honor’s home – they may want to break in their new residence or throw it at the marital residence. The options are truly endless with location for a divorce party.
  3. Send Invitations – Given that the guest list will likely be close friends and family, it might be tempting to send out a casual text to see if everyone can make it. However, this is a real occasion/party – so we suggest you formalize the affair with proper invitations. Bonus points: if the invite is clever, think…“Till Divorce Do Us Part.”
  4. Set an Intention – Whether the divorce was bitter and nasty or really something else entirely, the intention of a divorce party is to recognize the feeling of empowerment one gets when starting a new chapter. Those invites will come in handy when setting an intention, the divorce papers have been signed, its time to start anew, lets party!
  5. Serve Food – I highly suggest serving all the divorcee’s favorites -whether it be a fun fast-food vibe, catering, or simply finger foods. Food is a must for any party, even a divorce party.
  6. Celebrate with a Toast – Pop a bottle of bubbly, share some words of encouragement, praise for getting through this difficult time, and even words of empowerment as we embark on this new chapter. But most importantly, a drink to the guest of honor’s future. Think of it like that antithesis of the wedding toast, this toast is ringing in the new era with joy and words to live by.
  7. Get a Cake – A big wedding-like cake is never a bad idea. Half the fun of a divorce party is turning everything about a wedding on its head, let’s make light of that big day. The guest of honor deserves to have her cake and eat it too OR rather than a cake, do a donut bar or cupcake stand, something more likely to be seen at a wedding to make light of the situation.
  8. Pick a Theme – This might be my favorite part of the whole divorce party idea. Have fun with the theme and base it off the divorce circumstances, if the divorce was long, drawn-out, and difficult – maybe a Survivor themed party, or base the theme off of “I do, I did, I’m Done” or “Till Divorce do us part.” But remember to have fun with the theme, we are celebrating new seasons for the divorcee.
  9. Bring Gifts – Truly the best way to support a newly divorced person, its with love, support, and simply just being there, however, if this person is truly starting new and in a new home, there were likely material possessions lost along the way or split in the divorce. Create a registry and treat the party like a house-warming party to help that newly single loved one get back on their feet.

All in all, remember to keep this party light, fun, and encouraging. The newly divorced are entering a new chapter whether they feel empowered and encouraged as they enter this new season or afraid of the unknown, divorce parties let our loved ones know we are there and we care.